A Simple Question: The Story of STRAW

Emmy nominated and Empixx Platinum award-winning Natural Heroes film!

An inspiring film about Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed (STRAW). Starting as a fourth grade class project and one child’s question, “What can we do to save an endangered species?” STRAW evolved into a remarkable program that has restored over 20 miles of habitat, galvanized the local community, and led to significant educational innovation, illustrating the power of a child’s curiosity and a teacher who honored it.

In 1992, Laurette Rogers 4th-grade class asked her what they could do to save endangered species. The response was to initiate a class project to restore streams in the Stemple Creek watershed in Marin County in order to save the endangered California Freshwater Shrimp. This remarkable effort evolved into an award-winning regional program that has since restored over 20 miles of habitat, galvanized the local community, and connects children and their teachers with their local watershed.

A Simple Question has been featured in more than 25 international film festivals where it has received multiple awards.

About the Producers:
David Donnenfield has extensive experience producing films on educational topics, having worked as a producer for the California State Department of Education for six years. In addition to corporate assignments for leading technology companies, David has produced programs for environmental organizations such as the Audubon Society, the CA Native Grass Association, and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Between production assignments he acts as the Director of The Video Project, a leading educational distributor of independent documentaries.

Kevin White started Full Frame Productions in 1984, a film and video production company; and in 1988 he and filmmaker Michal Aviad created Filmmakers Collaborative, a nonprofit organization to produce educational media addressing social and environmental issues. His film Returning Home for the How On Earth video series was featured in the second season of Natural Heroes, and received a CINE Award and several other awards.

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Filmmakers Collaborative SF
550 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

Producers/Directors/Writers: David Donnenfield and Kevin White

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