American Outrage

180x135_american_outrage“American Outrage” is the story of Carrie and Mary Dann, feisty Western Shoshone sisters who have endured five terrifying livestock roundups by armed federal marshals in which more than a thousand of their horses and cattle were confiscated.

The Dann sisters grazed their livestock on the open range outside their private ranch in northern Nevada. That range is part of 60 million acres recognized as Western Shoshone land by the United States in the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley. In 1974 the U.S. sued the Dann sisters for trespassing on that land, trespassing on “U.S. Public Land without a permit”. That ignited a dispute between the Dann sisters and the U. S. government that swept to the United States Supreme Court and eventually to the United Nations.

Contrasting the Dann’s personal lives with their political actions, “American Outrage” examines why the United States government would spend millions of dollars persecuting and prosecuting two elderly women grazing a few hundred horses and cows in a desolate Nevada desert.

Co-producer & Co-directors: Beth & George Gage
Writer: Beth Gage
Cinematographer: George Gage
Editor: Suzan Beraza
Narrator: Mary Steenburgen
Music: Joanne Shenandoah
Sound Editor/Mixer: John Reese
Additional Photography: Andrew Gage, Robert Verdina, Rebecca Somer, Bill Pecchi

Beth and George Gage, as Gage & Gage Productions, have created award-winning documentaries since 1993. After successful careers producing television commercials and narrative features, they began producing
documentaries with a conscience.
Gage & Gage Productions creates compelling personal films that inspire viewers, initiate dialogues and prompt action on provocative issues. Concentrating on the environment and social justice, they present issues underrepresented in the current media.
They co-produce and co-direct the films Beth creates the story; George is responsible for the films’ stunning cinematography.
The Gage’s have completed seven long-form documentaries. Their films have been distributed theatrically, on television, educationally, and for consumer DVD. The films have won dozens of awards at national and international film festivals and have been highly acclaimed by film reviewers.

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American Indian Film Festival: Best Feature Documentary; Boulder International film Festival: Best Environmental Film; Ashland Independent Film Festival: Audience Award; Houston World Fest:Platinum Award; Mountainfilm in Telluride: Audience Award & Spirit Award; San Luis Obispo Film Festival: Best Documentary; Cine Montana: Best of Fest & Best Feature Documentary; Frozen River Film Fest: Best Film & Audience Award; First People’s Festival: Grand Prize; Wild & Scenic Film Festival: Jury Award; Flagstaff Film Fest: Best Feature Documentary; Asheville Film Festival: Audience Award… and more.

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