Anna, Emma and the Condors

Winner: 2013 Andrew Carnegie Medal for excellence for children’s video. A portrait of a family living an intentional life … working together to save and reintroduce the Californian condors back into the wild.

Winner: 2013 Andrew Carnegie Medal for excellence for children’s video

180x135_anna_emmaA portrait of a family living an intentional life.
In a world of climate change and environmental challenges, two sisters, Anna and Emma and their companions, the California Condors, stand out as a beacon of hope. Their father, Chris Parish is the director of the Condor Project for the Peregrine Fund at Vermillion Cliffs. Their mother, Ellen Parish is a teacher and leader for the organization Roots and Shoots, founded by Jane Goodall. Together, the family work together to save and reintroduce the Californian condors back into the wild.

180x135_anna_emma_testingLearning of and from the condors, as well as their parents, Anna and Emma’s lives are unique in their growing understanding that if we do not take care of the life surrounding us, we will in the end face the possibility if our own extinction. The California Condors have shown us the very beauty of life itself. As long as they soar the sky, there will always be a hope for the future.

Director, Producer, Editor: Katja Torneman
Director of Photography: Ed George
Audio: Ed George and Katja Torneman
Photography: Katja Torneman, Chris Parish, Dave Edwards
Music: Woody Simmons, Renae Mahkewa, Spontaneous Combustion, Susan Green

Katja is originally from Sweden but left in 1982 to live in Chamonix France where she started climbing in the Alps and skied professionaly. In 1986, she sailed from Spain, across the Atlantic Ocean, to finally reach the US and climb The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite. At that point, her climbing career took off and she climbed professionally around the world during the 80’s and 90’s. She traveled extensively for climbing, exploration and photography around Europe, North Africa, Asia, US and Central America. Her photos and stories were published in magazines in Sweden, Spain and England. During her travels, her passion for animals brought her to care for those who were abandoned, hungry and injured.
While living in the US with her two dogs Thelma and Louise, she has climbed, traveled and studied at the Zaki Gordon Film Institute. Today, some of Katja’s main passions are Documentaries, Photography and Mountaineering. She is inspired by the art and the communication that can be made via film and photography. Some of the main interests in her documentary filmmaking are the environment, wildlife and mountaineering.

Katja Torneman

ALA – Andrew Carnegie Medal for excellence in children’s video 2013

Best film 2011 Flagstaff international film festival 2011
Best film Zaki Gordon Film festival. 2011
Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival, September 2012, Audience Award winner
Honorable mention for best conservation message Cine International Film festival 2011 Missoula
Invited to Sedona International Film festival Feb 2012 (voted one of the five best films of the festival audience choice)

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