Big Apples, Big Ideas

NH3_big-_apples_big_ideas-180x135The future looks grim in “The Apple Capital of the World” in Washington state. Apple growers by the thousands are going out of business. But there’s also an entirely new breed of farmer, practitioners of a sustainable agriculture. These new American farmers define a path of renewal that could hold the answer for farmers across America.

All over New York City, tiny creatures are transforming residents’ garbage into soil. This playful, educational film reveals the fascinating, fun, and sometimes stinky culture of urban composting.

Broken Limbs
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Full version, 57 minutes

Worms in the Big Apple
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Broken Limbs
Produced by: Jamie Howell and Guy Evans

Worms in the Big Apple
Produced and Directed by Jenn Guitart

Get Involved:
Broken LimbsBook: Worms Eat My garbage: How to Set Up and Maintain a Worm Composting System, by Mark Appelhof

Online Composting Resources:
New York City Compost Project
Brooklyn Compost Project

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