Brower Youth Awards 2009

NH5_brower_2009_180x135Meet six extraordinary young people who were recognized in 2009 for their outstanding activism and achievements in the fields of environmental and social justice advocacy. The Brower Youth Awards honor founder and legendary environmental activist, David R. Brower, and call forth a new generation of leaders. He urged environmentalists to heed the words of the German poet Goethe, “Anything you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

The 2009 award winners are:
ROBIN BRYAN, 21, Winnipeg, MB
Robin helped save nearly one million acres of boreal forest from industrial logging.

Sierra co-founded Power Past Coal to spotlight communities impacted by the mining, processing and burning of coal.

ALEC LOORZ, 15, Ventura, CA
Alec speaks to thousands about the impact of climate change on the next generation.

DIANA LOPEZ, 20, San Antonio, TX
Diana co-created an organic garden at a site in San Antonio, Texas, as part of the struggle for environmental justice.

Adarsha created Project Jatropha for a biofuel solution in rural India.

HAI VO, 22, Irvine, CA
Hai Vo transformed the food purchasing and eating practices at universities across California.

Brower Youth Awards
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Click here to find out more about the Brower Youth Award winners and their causesDavid Brower was a pioneering leader in the evolution of the 20th century environmental movement. Time after time in a career that evolved over more than 60 years, until his death in 2000, he saw the need for expanding what people thought of as environmental, to meet the needs of an evolving, fair, sustainable society. A key part of Brower’s vision for action was his mentorship of younger emerging leaders. Earth Island Institute founded its Brower Youth Awards program to celebrate the spirit of Brower’s mentoring, and it has expanded its New Leaders Initiative to provide other opportunities for young people finding their way in working for the planet’s agenda.In his sixty-plus years of activism, nothing gave David Brower greater joy than see the success of the many young leaders he mentored, among them Dave Foreman, Amory Lovins and Julia Butterfly Hill. “My secret,” Dave said, “is to surround myself with bright, young people, stand back, then wallow in their accomplishments.” Click here to find out more about Dave:

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