Coffee to Go: A Fair Trade Story

NH3_coffee_to_go-180x135Why are 25 million coffee farmers impoverished while we spend more and more for our coffee? What is the difference between Free Trade and Fair Trade? This film explores the answers to these questions and many more. Hear from experts, students, coffee lovers, and from the coffee farmers themselves and learn how their lives and ours are inextricably joined.

Full-length version, “Birdsong and Coffee, A Wake Up Call”
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Produced & Directed by: Anne Macksoud & John Ankele
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Get Involved:
Community Agroecology Network
Global Exchange
Grounds for Change
General Listing of Fair Trade VendorsIf you are not buying online, be sure to look for Certified Fair Trade, Certified Organic, and/or Certified Shade-Grown or Bird-Friendly labels in your supermarket or specialty shop. If your local market does not yet stock those, urge them to do so.

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