East and West


  • Building One House
  • Damming the Angry River
  • Winnemem War Dance at Shasta Dam

All over the world, people are working together and using the natural resources around them to protect their lands and keep them as nature intended them to be.

Building One House
Produced by: Red Feather Development Group
Narrated by Robert Redford
Music by Pearl Jam

Damming the Angry River
Producer: Xiaoli Zhou
German Camera Productions

Winnemem War Dance at Shasta Dam
Producer: Christopher McLeod, Sacred Land Film Project
Funded By Supporters of the Sacred Land Film Project

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Building One House
Red Feather Development GroupWinnemem War Dance at Shasta Dam
Sacred Land Film Project
Winnemen Wintu TribeBooks:
Journey to Justice – The Wintu People and the Salmon, by Alice R. Hoveman

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