Eat at Bill’s: Life at the Monterey Market

NH4_eat_at_bills-180x135The Monterey Market is a family owned produce market phenomenon in Berkeley, CA. Market owner Bill Fujimoto’s enthusiasm and experience illuminates the market’s wide world of small growers and diverse customers. This single store supports many small farms and is a valentine to small enterprises everywhere.

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Moviemaker Lisa Brenneis, a Berkeley native who married an Ojai citrus grower, explains why she made “Eat at Bill’s”: “Farmers across California will tell you that Bill was their first retail customer and that his support was crucial to their success. I was inspired to make this movie because I’m one of those farmers. My husband Jim Churchill and I own and operate a small orchard in Southern California. Back in 1990, a friend suggested we try selling our Pixies to Bill at Monterey Market. We’ve been selling to Bill ever since. I kept telling Jim, ‘Somebody ought to make a movie about Bill and the Monterey Market.’ Jim suggested that perhaps I should be that somebody.”

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Monterey Market

Produced, Directed & Edited by: Lisa Brenneis

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Longtime managing partner Bill Fujimoto and his wife, Judy, resigned from the produce store in Berkeley, California in June 2009, citing fundamental differences with other family members who are shareholders and intend to run the business. A boycott and public pressure may cause Bill’s family to reconsider, but that’s far from certain.To write to the Board of Directors at Monterey Market in support of Bill and Judy:
Monterey Market
Attn: Board of Directors
1550 Hopkins Street
Berkeley, CA 94707To sign up for occasional news updates on the situation, please send an email to“Eat at Bill’s” website:

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