In the Wake of Giants


Emmy nominated and Empixx Platinum award-winning Natural Heroes film!

When humpback whales migrating between Alaska and Hawaii become entangled in marine debris, a small network of brave volunteer rescuers risk their lives to save them. Packed with action, beauty and compassion, In the Wake of Giants puts you in the rescue boats with the experts as they free the struggling whales.

Shot almost entirely on research cameras mounted on the helmets of rescuers themselves, this short documentary takes you into the boat within close range of the struggling whales.

The effort is led by the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary’s Ed Lyman. He’s the marine mammal response manager responsible for recruiting and training volunteers from Hawaii’s local communities.

About the Producer:
Mark DiOrio and his wife Mara Kerr are the Executive Producers of In the Wake of Giants. They are supported by accomplished Film Maker and Director Lou Douros and his son Blaise Douros who created the original music score for the film. The husband and wife team of Mark and Mara are dedicated to marine conservation and bringing issues of importance into the public domain. When visiting the Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary in February of 2010 and witnessing the incredible efforts of Ed Lyman and his team risking their lives to save the humpback whales from marine debris, they felt strongly and passionately that the story needed to be told and they sought out Lou Douros to help them do so. Mara has also just published her first book, Oceanus,The Infinite Healing Power of Love (Tate Publishing), a fictional story based on the real challenges our oceans face for our survival. Mara assisted Lou Douros on the story of In the Wake of Giants while Mark provided additional assistance in filming.

Lou Douros is an accomplished writer (print, web, blog, and video/film), director (production and post-production) photographer (still and motion) and producer. He’s spent most of his nearly thirty years in the creative media space, traveling to more than 20 countries, mostly in developing nations, where he worked under some of the most stressful environments to capture a story worth telling later.

Contour is a sponsor of In The Wake Of Giants. High Definition Contour cameras were used on helmet mounts to capture the close-up action for the film. Trained rescuers from the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary use these durable, reliable cameras to analyze and improve upon each rescue effort.

To purchase this film directly from the film’s producers:
Akua Films

Executive Producers: Mark DiOrio and Mara Kerr
Written and Directed by: Lou Douros
Music: Blaise Douros

Find Out More:
Akua Films is an independent film maker devoted to marine life and conservation. Their primary objective is to bring focus to issues that are affecting many types of marine mammals with emphasis on endangered species. This film in particular focuses on the human element as it pertains to the dedication of those who choose to risk their lives to save the lives of the largest of the marine mammal endangered species. Additional works in process include In the Wake of Giants Part 2 and a work on the highly endangered monk seals of the Hawaiian Islands.

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