Moveshake: Stories of Gregg Treinish and Alison Gannett

MoveShake is a film series focusing on individual movers and shakers creating environmental and social change.

Moveshake Emmy Nomination

Emmy Award Winner 2013-2014
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences,
San Francisco Chapter
Outstanding Achievement, Interview/Discussion Program

FULL_PROGRAM_WIDGET_180MoveShake is a film series focusing on individual movers and shakers creating environmental and social change. These films give a look into the lives of people dedicating themselves to their cause and the personal struggles and successes that come with the journey. Meet climate change activist and professional skier, Alison Gannett, and founder of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, Gregg Treinish.
With three nonprofit, two for profits, a 75 acre farm and a professional skiing career, Alison Gannett has a lot on her plate. Although, as a warrior for climate change, there is not much Alison sees as impossible.

Determined to walk the talk, she strives for 100% self sufficiency at her farm in Paonia, Colorado. Alison has created real change speaking as a climate change consultant to businesses and audiences large and small. She recognizes the deep connection between the environment and her outdoor passion with the Save our Snow organization and inspires other women to fall in love with the outdoors by teaching them how to ski, mountain bike and surf with her Rippin’ Chix camps.

But, there are some things Alison just can’t control. No matter the effort, despite her hard work, there will still be challenges even she cannot overcome. This MoveShake story brings us into Alison’s life as an eternal optimist as she faces the destruction of the everything she has built, and what that vulnerability has taught her.

With a young entrepreneur’s spirit, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Gregg Treinish set out with the ambitious goal to change the relationship we have with the great outdoors. Founding the nonprofit Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation in 2010, Gregg has found an outlet for making a difference by connecting a vast community of adventurers with scientists in need of data collection around the world. This MoveShake story takes us into Gregg’s journey as a change maker as he discovers the highs and lows of dedicating his life to what he believes in. This inspiring tale of a troubled kid saved by the outdoors shows that all it takes to pursue our dreams is a little bit of courage.


CREDITS: MoveShake
A RED REEL Production
Directed/Filmed/Edited By Alexandria Bombach

Made Possible by the following Sponsors:
Horny Toad Clothing, Osprey Packs, Clif Bar Company

Gregg Treinish, A MoveShake Story

Additional Footage: Deia Schlosberg, Gregg Treinish, Scott Mortensen, Sune Tamm
Production Audio – Deia Schlosberg
Sound Design – Coupe Studios

Do – Young Man
Treaty of Periwinkle – Child Make Sound
Wooden Room – Shoeshine Blue
Gossamer – Lost Lander
From the Lake To The Land – Foreign Fields

Alison Gannett, A MoveShake Story
Summer Farm Footage – Cameron Terry
Farm Production Audio  – Sarah Menzies
Assistant Writers – Mary Catherine O’Connor, Anna Brones, Michelle Bar-Evan

Audio mixing – Pete Bosack

Mania – Keenan O’Meara
Towering – Seryn
Live Song – Pillars and Tongues
Soothsay – Keenan O’Meara
Lullaby – Alameda

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