NH5_nora_180x135Nora Pouillon is a chef, restaurant owner, pioneer in organic, local food, and an advocate of sustainable living. “Nora!” celebrates the 30th anniversary of Restaurant Nora in Washington, D.C. and the 10th anniversary of its designation as the first certified organic restaurant.

As a young Austrian immigrant, Nora was shocked by agriculture in America with all its pesticides and chemicals. So she set out to prove that a restaurant could survive without relying on food that was full of chemicals, and that her customers would thrive because of her insistence on organic products. Nora helped establish FRESHFarm Markets, producer-only, open air markets in the Washington D.C. area and beyond. She has contributed greatly to educating consumers and other chefs about the benefits of local, seasonal, healthy food. Film takes us from local farms to farmers’ markets to kitchens to tables as it celebrates one of the most influentiall pioneers and leaders in the organic and local food movement.

About the Producer:
Sandy Cannon-Brown is president and founder of VideoTakes, Inc. and an award-winning writer, producer, and director of programs that educate, inspire and enlighten.

Executive Producer/Director: Joan Murray
Senior Producer: Sandy Cannon-Brown
Producers: Michelle Williams and Allison Barnett
Directors of Photography: Wayne Westbrook and Catherine Zimmerman
Audio: Rick Patterson, Dan Gallagher, Jonathan Packer
Editors: Olivia Yeo and Allison Barnett
Motion Graphics: Matthew S. Nagy

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VideoTakes, Inc.

Sandy Cannon-Brown

VideoTakes, Inc
phone: 202.483.4666

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