Oceans of Conservation

NH3_oceans_of_conservation-180x135As the world’s oceans face greater and more complex challenges, communities from Mexico to New Guinea are working to protect the biodiversity of the earth’s most valuable resource.

In the brilliant turquoise waters of Papua New Guinea, the Titan people have fished the same coral reefs for over 40,000 years. Now, for the first time ever, they are running out of fish.

The continuing decline of the native fish polpulation in areas all around the world is having a major impact on the future well being of many lives and communities dependant on fish to survive.

The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is home to a variety of diverse organisms and animals, all living together along the surf and rocky tidepools of Moss Beach, California, is being threatened by throngs of curious visitors.

Titans of the Coral Sea
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Whale Sharks of Holbox
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Intertidal Heroes
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Titans of the Coral Sea
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Whale Sharks of Holbox
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Intertidal Heroes
Produced & Directed by: Rick Bacigalupi, BaciPix

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