Saving Our Oceans

NH2_saving_our_oceans-180x135Excerpts from Empty Oceans, Empty Nets and Farming the Seas

A documentary about the state of our seas and the issues of disappearing fish. Scientists estimate that 70% of the world’s commercially fished species have been fished to or beyond the brink of which their populations can sustain themselves. This program helps increase understanding about what’s happening and why, as well as offers ideas on what you can do to stop the drastic decline in fish populations.

Get Involved:
Consumer Seafood Guides and Updated Information  on Fisheries and Seafood:
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Seafood Industry Resources:
Seafood Choices Alliance
Chefs Collaborative
Marine Stewardship Council

Song for the Blue Ocean, Carl Safina
Sea Change, Sylvia Earle

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