Sonatas of the Soil

A mini-primer on why soil is so important! PORTRAIT OF A WINEMAKER features the winemaker at Frog’s Leap Vineyards where organically managed dry-farmed grapes make for great soil and award winning wine. SOIL IN GOOD HEART is a look at why good soil fertility is vital to life.

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SONATAS OF THE SOIL: Portrait of a Winemaker and Soil in Good Heart – part of the Symphony of the Soil Project – a collection of films about soil, featured at the United Nations on World Soil Day.

PORTRAIT OF A WINEMAKER tells the remarkable story of John Williams and Frog’s Leap Vineyards in the Napa Valley where organically managed dry-farmed grapes make for great soil and award-winning wine.




SOIL IN GOOD HEART is a brief look at why good soil fertility is vital to life. It illustrates how valuable soil is to society and how it’s been neglected at our peril. A mini-primer on what we’ve done to soil and how we can fix it!




Deborah Koons Garcia, Writer/Director/Producer
John Chater, Director of Photography
Vivien Hillgrove, Editor (Portrait of a Winemaker)
Ben Flanigan, Editor (Soil in Good Heart)
Todd Bokelheide, Composer (Portrait of a Winemaker)
Jessy Beckett, Associate Producer
Sarah Gorsline, Associate Producer

Featuring Anne Evans, Farmer and Peter Segger, Farmer of Blaencamel Farm, Wales
with Vandana Shiva, Dr. Charles Benbrook, Dr. David Montgomery, Klaas Martens

Deborah Koons Garcia, Producer/Director

Deborah Koons Garcia has called Northern California home for over thirty years, with her production company based in Mill Valley, CA. She has made fiction, educational and documentary films. For the last fifteen years she has focused primarily on films about agriculture and the food system.

NH700-PortraitWinemaker_FrogLeapSign_sMs. Garcia directed the groundbreaking film, The Future of Food, which premiered at Film Forum in New York City. The Future of Food (2004) examines the alarming issues surrounding the rapidly increasing corporate domination of our food supply. It is the first major film to cover the history and technology of genetic engineering and the complex implications of releasing such crops into the food environment and food supply. The Future of Food helped jumpstart what is now called the food movement and the continues to play widely all over the world in theaters and at film, food and farming festivals and conferences and at thousands of community-organized screenings. Her latest film, Symphony of the Soil, which is currently in wide release, was designated a Critics’ Pick by the New York Times and was shown at the United Nations in New York City on World Soil Day which launched the UN International Year of the Soils.


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Special Jury Recognition Award at the Aspen Shortsfest Film Festival

Film Festivals:

  • San Francisco Green Film Festival (October 2010)
  • Mill Valley Film Festival (October 2010)
  • Aspen Shortsfest Film Festival (2010)
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