The Edge of the Sea

NH5_edge_of_sea_180x135Tells the story of Edwin ‘Pauco’ Font, a 61-year old third generation fisherman from Rincon, Puerto Rico. Since the late 1960’s, Puerto Rico and small fishing villages like Rincon have undergone expansive coastal development, driven by tourism and the growing demand for beachfront property.

‘The Edge of the Sea’ follows Pauco in his battle against a local developer planning to build a mega condo project on one of Rincon’s most popular public beaches. This film explores the issue of privatization of public areas, and the social and environmental consequences of excessive coastal development.

About the Producer:
Maria Jose (Majo) Calderon is an award-winning independent filmmaker. She was born and raised in Chile, graduating with a major in Film Directing from ARCIS University in Santiago, Chile in 2002. In 2003, Maria Jose moved to San Francisco, California. Since then, she has produced, directed, edited and collaborated in numerous short films and documentaries. Her films are inspired by local and international stories that highlight social and environmental justice, as well as cultural heritage issues. In May of 2009, she received a Master degree from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Documentary program. She is currently working in the San Francisco Bay Area as a videographer and freelance producer, director and editor.

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(510) 290-5645

Copyright Majo Calderon 2009

Producer, Director, Editor: Maria Jose Calderon
Camera and Sound: Molly Snyder-Fink
Original Music: Melvin López Rivera Performed by Mijo de la Palma

Made Possible with the generous support of:
Sea Grant College Program, Puerto Rico
Margaret and Will Hearts
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Copyright Majo Calderon 2009

Find Out More:
Puerto Rico Sea Grant College Program
Centro Interdiciplinario de Estudios del Litoral
Surfrider Foundation, Rincon Chapter

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