Transportation Solutions

NH1_transportation_solutions-180x135SUV Taggers
Two bad-boy enviro-activists unleash a relentless bumper sticker campaign against SUVs in mall parking lots.

French Fries.To Go
Daryl Hannah and Ted Turner raise awareness about alternative fuels with the help of Charris Ford, an extremely energetic and quirky visionary/eco-rapper.

Wired: A Day in the Life of Energy
Join Ellen Sherk as she takes us for a ride in her gas-electric hybrid Toyota Prius, one of the first cars of its kind on the market. It emits 90% less pollution than a conventional car—and gets more than 50 miles per gallon of gas.

SUV Taggers
Producer/Director: Judith Vogelsang, Stone Harbor Films, Inc.
Stone Harbor Films, Inc.
1730 N. Vista Street
Los Angeles, CA 90046To order the video, click here

French Fries.To Go
Director: Howard J. Donner
For more information, or to order the video, visit this website


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