Traveling Our Natural World

NH3_traveling_our_natural_world-180x135As we travel through our natural world we find ways to live harmonusly with the wilderness.

Conversing with Aotearoa
In an age of technological integration and urban life, New Zealanders turn to the wilderness to fathom their deep, personal connection with the land.

Handle with Care
In Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, people, industry and nature are working towards a common environmental goal. What does it take to save paradise so the human and wildlife residents can live in harmony?

Conversing with Aotearoa
Contact University of Southern California to purchase this video or call 213-740-4432.

Handle with Care
Contact Stray Dog Productions to purchase this video.

Conversing with Aotearoa
Directed by: Corrie Francis

Handle with Care
Produced & Directed by: Barbara Best and Jon Forde, StrayDog Productions

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Conversing with Aotearoa
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Handle with Care
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