Voyage of the Vezo

In a beautiful, narrative journey, Maro fishes the coral reef in Madagascar every day. As he begins to catch fewer and smaller fish, Maro and his nephew wonder whether the Vézo’s relationship with the ocean has fallen out of balance. Emmy award winner!

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Emmy award-winning Natural Heroes film!

The Vézo (Vay-zoo) are the coastal society of southwest Madagascar. The Vezo of southwest Madagascar have always maintained a delicate harmony with the coral reef. As Maro Bezozo begins to catch fewer and smaller fish, he wonders whether the Vezo’s relationship with the sea has fallen out of balance. Along with Sambalahy, his 11-year-old nephew, he embarks on a voyage that will cover over 150 kilometers north. Sailing from village to village, Maro and Sambalahy encounter shark fishermen, sea turtle hunters, veteran Vezo and rookies. On their journey, they address the change in climate that is threatening their traditional way of life, as well as the state of the world’s fourth largest coral reef system. But will diving for solutions only bring more difficult questions to the surface?


About the Producer:
Director Giovanni Paolo Autran was born in Miami to South American Immigrants and raised in Glen Cove, NY. Giovanni shoots, directs and edits his own films. He spent a year producing conservation films for Wildlife Conservation Society in Madagascar, where he shot his first feature documentary, Voyage of The Vézo. Based out of Brooklyn, he now operates his own production company, NOMADIC FILMS.

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Nomadic Films in association with Digital Development Communications
Featuring: Maro Bezozo, Sambalahy Elise, Gilbert Vincent, and Ferioli Fanampy
Director, Director of Photography, and Editor: Giovanni Paolo Autran
Producer: Colby Gottert
Writer: Akshay Ahuja
Original Story: Colby Gottert and Maro Bezozo, Giovanni Paolo Autran
Original Music: Philip Quinaz

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