Natural-Heroes-Season-4---Community_optNatural Heroes is an award-winning series seen on Public Television in the United States. The series began in 2004 with the mission to celebrate the independent filmmakers who are turning their lens on our natural world, and to showcase encouraging, inspiring stories of people who are making positive differences for our environment.


Val_awardNatural Heroes has been honored with eight Emmy™ awards, four additional Emmy™ nominations, three Telly™ awards, two Empixx awards and an Insight award. Natural Heroes has aired on Public Television stations all across the United States, Puerto Rico, and into Canada, reaching an estimated 90 million viewers.

The series exemplifies the message that one person really can make a difference. It also has brought attention to big issues that may have been ignored in the past. Featured films span the globe and take on a fascinating variety of topics with fresh, creative approaches. Themes range from renewable energy to conservation of marine species, from the meaning of wilderness to the importance of kids getting their hands in the dirt.

In an effort to encourage carriage of the series, all episodes of Natural Heroes are made available to PBS affiliate stations free of charge via satellite uplink. All PBS affiliates have the option of showing the programs in real time at the time of uplink, and/or recording episodes for airing at a future date.


Natural Heroes was created in 2004 by KRCB-TV and GreenTreks Network, Inc. Natural Heroes is now solely produced by Northern California Public Media (KRCB), starting with the Fourth Season in 2009.

GreenTreks Network, Inc. is an award-winning non-profit communications organization dedicated to educating people about the interconnectedness of environmental, societal, economic, and individual health. Their solution-based materials have been used by hundreds of schools and nature centers, civic groups, small business associations and succeed in touching audiences because of their personal, action-oriented approach.   www.greentreks.tv

Northern California Public Media (KRCB), based in San Francisco’s North Bay, and serves the Bay area region, was founded in 1981, and first broadcast via television channel 22 in December 1983. It currently provides both digital television and FM radio programming. The mission of Northern California Public Media is “In order to encourage full participation in society and community, Northern California Public Media provides educational, informational and cultural telecommunication services in partnership with our community.” Further information about Northern California Public Media is available on their web site at: norcalpublicmedia.org